14 Panel LED Hack Sack


    This 14-Panel LED Footbag (2.7" ⌀ approximately) is made with the same material (Amara) and designed in the same manner as professional footbags. Despite the super bright LED kit sunk inside the ball it is still very easy to perform foot and body stalls with.

    A footbag made from a selection of bright, coloured panels. Below you will see you have the choice to choose an inner LED colour. From experience we can say that BLUE and WHITE LEDs give a more neutral glow to the ball, but you're welcome to choose whatever colour you wish. This footbag also works for jugglers who like an under filled ball.

    The 14-Panel LED Footbag comes in the following 9 ultra-bright, static colours. (Alternatively you can choose FADE or STROBE options).

    • White LED light 
    • Yellow LED light
    • Orange LED light 
    • Red LED light 
    • Magenta LED light 
    • Purple LED light
    • Green LED light 
    • Blue LED light 
    • Turquoise LED light 
    • Fade 
    • Strobe  Alternating
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