Stainless Steel Mesh Filter 1.5" - 30 Micron

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    Filter plates are key component in any extraction equipment; the level of filtration has a huge impact on the quality and yield of the end product. Filtration is used to remove fats, waxes and lipids.

    Filter Plates can be supplied with a variety of mesh filters with differing microns, the general starting point of your filtration process will be the 150 Micron mesh filter. This filter will stop the majority of material, but in order to get a perfect clean oil, further filtration will be required. The filters are held in place within the filter plate using a compression ring, also referred to as an a O-ring. The filter plates are placed inline with high pressure clamps.

    For further filtration you can add more filter plates with varying levels of filtration, for example the first filter plate could have a 150 micron filter and the second filter plate could have a 30 micron filter. The final filtration level will be down to the extractor's preference the desired end result. The finest filter which is a 5 micron will leave an extremely pure product, however the yield will be less as a lot of the waxes will be removed. The different micron levels of mesh filters are as follows:

    5 Micron

    30 Micron

    70 Micron

    150 Micron

    You can also combine the filter plates and mesh filter with ashless filters, and these will be held in place with the compression ring.

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