Blaze Glass Recycle Bubbler Funnel Percolator Glass Bong


    Height: 25cm 

    Diameter: 25mm 

    Socket: 14.4mm 

    The handy and very stable bubbler made of borosilicate glass by BLAZE GLASS® has an internal recycling function, and is therefore also called an incycler. After the bong water and the vapor traveled through the main chamber, it will then move through the separation tubes to the recycling chamber. The water and vapor loop will then move between the two chambers. 

    The vapor will often pass through the percolator multiple times before leaving out of the mouthpiece which ensures it is completely filtered and smooth. Funnel percolator for cooled smoking enjoyment Internal recycle function for filtered smooth smoke Easy water change through drain opening The glass pipe stands stably on the thick base, and has a robust quality with a wall thickness of 5mm. To make it easier to change the water, there is an extra opening. This is closed with a screw cap.

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