Blaze Herb Bong/Oil Rig (Banger & Carb Cap)


    Height: 25cm 

    Diameter: 32mm 

    Socket: 14.4mm 

    With this very attractive, grippy and extremely high-quality ice bong from BLAZE GLASS®, smoking a pipe is really great fun, no matter whether herbs or exquisite concentrates are smoked or dabbed. That is why the glass bong is equipped directly for both variants, namely with a lift-off bowl for herbs and with a banger for oils, wax or other extracts. The banger has a large capacity, so that the terp pearls, included in the scope of delivery, can rotate strongly. This allows the dabs to develop their full aroma at a slightly lower temperature. 

    The glass pearls spread and store the heat optimally. First put the terp pearls into the banger, then heat the bottom of the banger with a jet burner. After a short time of cooling down, the extract can then be added to the banger. A suitable carb cap for effective air supply minimization is of course included, too. Inside the bong, the drum percolator makes the pipe water bubble properly. This cools down the smoke and filters out unwanted substances that settle on the bong wall. By the way, this smudges can be removed without residue with a good bong cleaner. For further smoke cooling by air swirling there is a turbine disc. If that is not enough cooling, simply add some ice cubes to the ice chamber. The pipe made of borosilicate glass is super robust and stable. The icing on the cake is a spiral pattern in the bong base which gives this awesome bubbler that certain extra.

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