Cloud 9 Chameleon Glass Ashtray

    V Syndicate

    Sometimes having your head in the clouds is a good thing. Our Cloud 9 Chameleon glass ashtray is shatter-resistant so that your daze doesn’t cause any damage.

    Glass Ashtrays from V-Syndicate

    Primitive versions of the ashtray have been around for hundreds of years, but at V Syndicate, they wanted to take you higher than a regular old cigarette ashtray ever could. This line of Blazin’ Ashtrays is sure to satisfy every smoker. They feature V-Syndicates most popular designs and are sure to elevate any tabletop. Whether you are looking for an ashtray that's funny, cute, or just really unique, we’ve got you covered. Made to last, these glass ashtrays have been tempered and are shatter-resistant so that even the most accident-prone smokers can enjoy these stunning pieces for years to come. 

    Why glass?

    V-Syndicate believe that the best ashtrays are made from glass, which is why they chose it for their first line of them. Glass ashtrays don’t hold heat the way metal ones do, making putting out your papers safer. They are also better for people looking to keep them outdoors, as metal ones are prone to rusting. Keeping your ashtray outside isn’t an issue with our Blazin’ line, plus, they have a shine, weight, and feel that is unbeatable.

    • Made from shatter-resistant tempered glass
    • Printed in full color
    • Easy to Clean
    • 4.5 in x 4.5 in x 0.5 in
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