Dead Head Train To Busan Glass Bong With Pink Accents

    Dead Head

    Height: 45cm 

    Diameter: 60mm 

    Socket: 14.4/18.8mm 

    These freakishly fantastic glass bong is bound to give anyone nightmares.... nightmares of missing out! With 7mm thick glass, a huge shower head percolator, ice notches and a diffused downpipe with a bead handled bowl, you'd be dead in the head not to bite our hands off! The glass body is beautifully constructed and will sit sturdy on any flat surface. This is thanks in part to its large base that holds plenty of water. The inclusion of ice notches offers the option of being able to add ice cubes to the bong enabling users to experience extra cooling and filtration. Throw a showerhead percolator into the mix - which provides even more filtration - and the results are big, clean, cool and flavoursome hits. Make sure you're all aboard the 'Train to Busan' before it leaves. Next stop, Zombieland!

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