Glass Bongs

A variety of glass bongs, available in a selection of shapes, sizes & colours.

Tiny Bird Glass Bong

Height: 11cm Diameter: 10mm A tiny necklace bong this is the perfect choice for the smoker on the go. Wether its stomping round a muddy field or just ...

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420 Glass Bong

Height: 18cm Diameter: 30mm Socket: 14.4mm This pocket sized Glass Bong is perfect for everyday use and gives you great hits for such a small bong. Lo...

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Boost Black Glass Bong

Height: 27cm Diameter: 35mm Socket: 18.8mm With its inbuilt multi arm percolator to chill the smoke and its small size, this bong is a hardcore piece ...

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420 Lean Glass Bong

Height: 23cm Diameter: 45mm Socket: 14.4mm This pocket sized Glass Bong offers a curved mouthpiece and is perfect for everyday use and gives you great...

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Beer Bottle Bong

Height: 17cm Diameter: 30mm Socket: 14.4mm Looking to bring more glass to your shotty? Go glass and reach new levels within your smoking experience. B...

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Double Bowl Glass Bong

Height: 26cm Socket: 14.4mm Double trouble with this glass bong. Is one never enough for you? Do you have lungs the size of a small car? If so, this i...

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