Glass Chongz Gravity Bong


    Height: 29cm

    Made from thick cut glass, this classic gravity bong from Chongz features a downstem and removable bowl. Water tight rubber seals at the neck top and base can deliver even more intense hits than an improvised homemade version can provide.

    Just like you, we tend to reach for a gravity bong when in the mood for a particularly intense hit. We want massive plumes of smoke, to inhale at speed, for a hit that really packs a punch. When reaching for the Chongz glass gravity bong, rather than a trusty homemade contraption, you won’t be disappointed. The ‘Gravity’ glass bong from Chongz works like a charm, from pulling water down through the chamber, creating the vacuum that pulls the air through the ignited bowl at the top, this gravity bong works like a charm.

    If you’re looking to take your gravity bong sessions to the next level, the ‘Gravity’ glass bong from Chongz adds a touch of class to any enthusiast’s smoking toolkit.

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