Kavatza Havana Light Denim Classic Tobacco Pouch


    Original KAVATZA 'Hemp Sky Blue' - Hemp was already cultivated as a useful and medicinal plant in China around 10,000 BC. With the spread of cotton, hemp as a raw material fell more and more into oblivion. Which is unfortunate as hemp grows very quickly. It is a particularly sustainable raw material that helps to reduce global warming gases. Since hemp fibres are softer than cotton, you need less chemicals when growing it, which is also good for allergy sufferers.

    Despite this, textiles made of hemp are more tear-resistant and resilient than cotton textiles. Just as this tobacco bag from Original KAVATZA is very tear-resistant and durable. It consists of 55% of the valuable hemp fibre and 45% of organically grown cotton. The tobacco bag made of hemp is very suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Because no animal products are used and no tests are carried out on animals.

    And carefully processed tobacco bag is also practical, as it offers the optimal size for a tobacco pouch and still has space for papers, tips, filter and lighter. There is even a sewn-in holder for the papers. Magnetic buttons close the bag securely so that it is perfect for travelling and on the go. For many chilling Original KAVATZA moments!

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