Limpuro B-Buddy Bong Cleaning Kit


    Limpuro B-Buddy Bong Buddy Cleaning Kit 

    The B-Buddy is a complete bong cleaning system from Limpuro, designed as a fast and efficient method of cleaning bongs and water pipes.
    Pipe and pipe accessories are cleaned all at once by The B-Buddy. 

    Using the B-Buddy is simple. 

    Insert the steel rod through the downpipe and bowl and lower the whole lot into the body of the bong.
    Use the rubber bungs to plug the downpipe hole and any other carb holes
    Fill the bong with hot water and then add a few drops of the Limpuro Bio Cleaner.
    Allow approx 5 minutes soaking time to allow the cleaning solution to work and move the B-Buddy up and down in the pipe.
    Remove all bungs and the B-Buddy system, then pour out the dirty cleaning solution and rinse several times with hot clear water - that's it.
    (For heavily soiled pipes more cleaning solution may be needed or a second cleaning may be necessary)

    Product Contents:

    1x B-Buddy (4.0mm stainless steel) 1x LimPuro Bio Cleaner concentrate 20ml / 3x rubber stopper.

    Stay fresh stay frosty.

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