Papers, Blunts and Smoking

420 Gold Glass Ashtray

This durable ashtray is good as gold for every stoner to ash their blunts, joints, bowls etc. V-Syndicates Gold glass ashtray is made of tempered glas...

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Bomb Lighter Cassette

6 x 3.7 cmBomb lighters are similar to the classic Zippos but at a much more affordable price.Same Guts by a different name.Whole range of eye catchin...

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Chongz Ashtray

9 x 4cmA high quality, hardwearing ashtray that will brighten any room.A collection of eye-watering designs.

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Classic Tips

Quintessential Standard Smoking Roach Tips are the tips you want if you care about the environment and the pennies. These are the cheapest and most ec...

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