Roor CBD Gum Organic Hemp Kingsize Rolling Papers


    Roor CBD Gum Organic Hemp King Size Rolling Papers

    After decades of dominating in the high-end functional glass scene, RooR is again taking the industry by storm with the world's first-ever CBD rolling papers, these have been infused using a CBD gum which ROOR holds the exclusive patent for.

    ROOR’s Hemp papers are made from plants cultivated in the Camargue region of southern France guaranteed to be GMO-free.

    The hemp used to create these papers contains fibers that are both silky and resistant. The leaves are light beige and are transparent due to their ultra-thin construction.

    The leaves are free from calcium carbonate, dyes, additives, so you can be certain that the constituents left in the ash are only from your smoking material. 

    These papers have also been crafted with ROOR's exclusive watermark patterns which means that they burn evenly and exceptionally slow for a true connoisseur's smoke.

    For the true nature enthusiast, environmentally conscious consumer, therapeutic users, or those simply looking to consume the best these ROOR UNBLEACHED papers contain something for everyone.


    • 32 SLIM PAPERS
    • GMO FREE
    • 44X109MM
    • 32 LEAVES



    The natural gum of ROOR rolling papers contains CBD with 0% of THC. This product should not be used to substitute or replace any medication. They should not be used to treat illness or medical conditions. They are not to be consumed as dietary supplements and should be kept away from children and pets.

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