SPLYFT Cannabis Terpene Infused Hemp Blunt Cones - Tangie



    All-Natural terpene infused SPLYFT hemp blunt cones, ready to be packed!

    Flavour: Tangie

    • SPLYFT terpene infused all-natural hemp wrap cones are made from the cleanest and highest quality ethically sourced hemp.
    • Flavoured with some of your favourite go-to house strains on the market.
    • These terpene infused hemp cones come pre-made and ready to be packed.
    • Each cone comes in its own airtight glass cylinder for freshness and convenience on the go.
    • These cones are slow-burning, which produces a rich, sweet and flavourful smoke.
    • Free from THC & Tobacco.
    • SPLYFT Hemp Cones do not contain any artificial flavouring, additives or synthetic ingredients.
    • Each SPLYFT cone comes with its own poker for easy filing
    • Made in the USA.
    • THC content<0.2%
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