Tasty Puff Flavoured Rolling Spray

    Tasty Puff

    Tobacco flavour spray is a quick, cost-effective way of livening up your smoking experience with a burst of fresh, tasty flavour. Our collection of sprays all come from industry leaders, Tasty Puff, who have been manufacturing their popular tobacco flavourings, drops, e-liquids and papers for many years. Their flavouring is a concentrated liquid which contains no nicotine and no artificial sweeteners. 

    Tasty Puff can be sprayed directly onto cigars, tobacco, shisha molasses or herbal blends prior to smoking. The spray dries within a couple of minutes leaving a fruity flavoursome smoke. 

    Alternatively, tobacco flavour spray can be added to e-liquid at a 10% ratio to give an extra zing to your vape. Enhance your smoking experience with the many varieties of Tasty Puff spray and drops. All the ingredients in our sprays are FDA approved and manufactured in the USA.

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