The Flux

    The Flux

    Introducing the Flux: The world's first portable plasma water pipe! 

    This conversation piece will light up the night at any event, or even for a party of one. The Flux combines the function of a traditional water pipe with the mesmerising aesthetic of plasma in action! Touch your fingertips to the glass housing of the plasma light show, and watch it dance to your own rhythm. Fill the glass test-tube down stem chamber that’s connected to the bowl with water for a clean, smooth hit. Switch between the curved mouth piece, and the straight mouth piece to best suit your mood at the moment. Easily recharge with a micro USB so it’s ready to take on-the-go, anytime. Made of plastic, glass and silicone materials. 

    Did you know that you can also turn The Flux into a Flux Hookah? Snag the Hookah Accessory Add-on Package to transform your plasma water pipe into a functional plasma Hookah!

    The Flux Includes:

    -The portable plasma water pipe base

    -A Micro USB charging cord

    -Two hand blown mouth pieces (curved and straight)

    -A 14MM Glass Bowl piece

    -18650 Batteries (included) 

    The Flux Features:

    -A Plasma Chamber 

    -Portable Water Pipe


     -Can be converted into a Hookah (with the Hookah accessory attachments)  

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