Uni POSCA Pastel Markers 24 Colours Box Set


    A new range of pastels complete the POSCA colour collection and work beautifully on a wide range of surfaces. 

    POSCA wax pastels provide a smooth and soft drawing experience, giving a sharp line without any stickiness. Allows for a wide range of colour express from light to deep. Their unique formula contains more wax than oil, so colours are vibrant and true with a super smooth finish. This also means they are remarkably clean to use, leaving hardly any residue on the page.

    POSCA Pastel colours can be blended and overlaid, you can stipple, colour block, cross-hatch, scratch and outline. Plus you can even heat the sticks to create textured effects. Use on a range of surfaces; check them out on wood, glass and fabric as well as on pastel board and paper.

    Box set of the full spectrum of 24 colours.

    Colours included: White, Yellow, Bright Yellow, Vermilion, Red, Dark Red, Pink, Fuchsia, Violet, Prussian Blue, Blue, Sky Blue, Light Blue, Emerald Green, Dark Olive, Green, Light Green, Apple Green, Light Orange, Light Ochre, Brown, Dark Brown, Grey and Black.

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